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now. the president promised action. the white house announcing vice president joe biden will head an administrationwide effort to come up with legislation in the wake of the newt down massacre. what form that takes is not clear. i'm bill hemmer. welcome to "america's newsroom.". >> hi, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. the president said he would to everything in his power to bring about change after a gunman massacred 26 people including 20 young first-graders at a connecticut elementary school. we're told he will announce the effort today. it will happen a couple hours from now. bill: steve centanni from the white house. what do we expect there, steve? >> reporter: well, bill, we expect the president and vice president joe biden come into the briefing room in a couple hours and begin process gathering information from inside their administration to formulate new policy, any kind of policy. any idea that could prevent this kind of mass violence, these kind of school shootings to happen in the future. this cops as newt town, connecticut, deals with the mass shooting. the yesterday
. airy for alleged misconduct, alleged misconduct with children but took no action. he had no knowledge of that. he would categorically deny it. there is statute of limitations in ohio. it is 12 years after the age of majority. the peck's attorneys argue that ar -- airy left the state the clock stop running on statute. bill:, class sufficient roirting. a closer look at this organization. it is a fraternal and service organization founded in 1888. its that nearly 800,000 members across the u.s. and csq''. it does roughly $50 million worthí(5lw0-t alisyn: they are expecting their costs, they say to go up because of this influx of new customers, new patients i should say as a result of obamacare. but they haven't seen these new costs yet. is it fair they're doing this already? >> they're starting to see some increased costs and it should come as no surprise that socialized medicine costs a lot of money. overall cost of obamacare is already higher than originally predicted which we could see coming from a mile away. premiums already started to go up even over the last year. now big taxes a
say i want my fox news talk. hopefully you'll take action and they'll sober up in these negotiations between xm and fox. >> steve: we'll call. >> alisyn: and another programming note, i hope you'll tune in tonight at 10 p.m a very special fox files. i got a chance to go behind the scenes of csi new york with gary sinise and he is possibly one of the most special people i've ever met. what he does for the troops is unbelievable. he doesn't talk about it much. it's understated. but he opens up about it. tonight he gets emotional and it's a great fox files. >> steve: kenny thomas will join us in the after the show show. we might not see you next week. have a merry christmas, everybody. . bill: good morning, everyone. we will hear from speaker john boehner puzo did not go through. he could not get the support from his own party to pass the vote. the vote happened late in the night last night. we wonder what he says today and where we go. fireworks happening today, welcome to "america's newsroom." i am bill hemmer "zero dark martha: hello, i am martha mccallum. speak
move beyond dialogue. we need action. martha: a lot of conversations along those lines in the last couple days. at a vigil in washington for the victims at sandy hook elementary, connecticut congresswoman and democrat rosa delora, say reasonable people need to come together to find screenable ways to prevent gun violence. here she is. >> we who serve in this institution need to take steps that are going to insure that these tragedies will not happen again. like insuring better access to quality mental health care, and yes, i belief in strengthening our gun control laws. martha: democrat frank lautenberg and dianne feinstein saying in the next congress they will reintroduce the bans on assault weapons and high capacity magazines. lots more to be said about all of that. bill: talk of renewing gun control debate sends sale of firearms soaring. gun store owners said they see increased sale for ammunition which is some say is easier to ban than the weapons themselves. some stores reporting busiest days they have seen in years. >> big-time, friday and saturday especially the place was ju
that the whole world is watching his actions very closely, and if he were to use chemical weapons on his own people, it would clearly have large consequences for him. bill: secretary of state hillary clinton called an emergency meeting with the pentagon. >> the pentagon has contingency plans for everything including the chemical attack. it's believed according to a u.s. source that syria has put this sarin fast into cannisters that could be dropped from planes. these cannisters are designed to fracture so the devastating nerve gas could escape. but it's not known whether syria intends to use those chemical weapons. we think we have it in aerosol form. the u.s. is making contingency plans in case bashar al-asaad leaves the country suddenly and flees somewhere for asylum which would leave a vacuum there. several countries in that region are trying to find a place for assad to go. secretary of state hillary clinton has a just-added meeting today in dublin, ireland. here you see her earlier today. she and the russian minister decided to meet with the envoy to syria. across barbra himybill: russi
worker knew immediately that something was definitely wrong, took quick action to make sure everybody inside that store was safe. >> anybody that was in our store we closed the gate at that point. we weren't opening it. we weren't letting anyone in or out at that point until we knew what else was going on. >> as soon as i heard more shots happened i knew at that point we needed to lock up to get everybody back of the store. martha: police commended citizen heroes. we're hearing so many stories of people looking out for each other, protecting each other in this situation. the shoppers, some who happened to be health care workers jumped right in to help out those injured on the scene. bill: also those who could not find shelter inside. they were looking for any way to get out of there. they made a run for it outside, including this guy. >> obviously you guys came across the street here. you're not able to leave right now. your car is in there. >> we tried getting to our car but everyone started running towards us saying he was outside or close by. we came across here because we wanted t
confrontation rather than avoiding. in the coming days javon belcher's actions and their possible connection to football will be analyzed who knows but here, wrote jason whitlock, is what i believe if javon belcher didn't possess a gun he and casandra perkins would both be alive. martha: what do you think about that? should he have gone there? >> well, he is allowed to have his opinion just like we are all allowed to have our opinion on this show. yes, he is allowed to go there. that is what he does at halftime. bob costas is a brilliant sportscaster and jason whitlock is right, if there is no gun here, nobody is dead. i don't know what the issue is to take issue with. we just had a presidential campaign, martha and not one time did gun control and gun issues come up. i know they probably don't want to take on these lobbies and they're very powerful and very strong but we just had a kid go into a theater in aurora, colorado, with semiautomatic weapons and start blowing everybody up. if you don't have them it doesn't happen. nobody who possessed a gun in colorado was there to take him down at
agrees that that action is necessary. gregg: steve hayes, is the senior writer for "the weekly standard" and a fox news contributor. steve, great to see you. the deal being bandied about right now to raise taxes on higher earners actually doesn't appear to do anything to fix the problem, that is, all the new revenue from higher taxes would be used for more spending. as we understand about 850 billion in new revenue would be spent on eliminating the fiscal cliff automatic spending cuts and extending unemployment checks. is it true not a dial would go to cutting the real problem, the debt and deficit? >> yeah. in one scenario that is absolutely the case. we shouldn't actually be surprised. it has been clear at least for a short amount of time that this hasn't been the goal of these discussions. i mean for all the talk about deficit reduction and despite the fact that this began as an effort to rein in spending after the 2010 elections, it is clear democrats in the house and senate, i would argue the president, haven't been serious about long-term spending cuts. gregg: maybe they're not se
, but communication is no substitute for senate action. it's all in the senate. >> juliet: all righty. log on to our web site for our after the show show because we're going to be giving you lots of gossip and secrets that you don't hear. >> kelly: really? >> juliet: yeah. >> clayton: that's news. i'll make sure i'm there. gregg: fox news alert. millions at the mercy of mother nature this morning after a massive storms slams the northeast bringing snow, rain, high winds, icy road conditions. more than 50 flights have been canceled today following the grounding of more than 1700 the day before. coming up in minutes we'll go live to anna kooiman live in scranton, pennsylvania where folks are trying to dig out from more than a foot of snow. but first, bad weather making be delaying lawmakers plans to get back to the negotiating table in washington, d.c. good morning, i'm gregg jarrett in "america's newsroom.". patti ann: freight to be with you again, gregg. i'm patti ann browne in for martha maccallum. there is little to no progress reported in making a deal to avert across the board tax hikes for 90%
. this is when we see frankly a lot of action in the streets of egypt. in reese days the demonstrations turned violent, even deadly. tanks deployed to the presidential palace late yesterday. defiant president morsi spoke to his nation calling for a national dialogue but he refused to bend on his controversial decree. stephen hayes, senior writer, "weekly standard", fox news contributor watching with us here. good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: we wait to see what happened here. seven people were shot in the street the other day. the ultimate question for me trying to figure out what the army will do. they're the ultimate arbiters of power still today in you get, whether under mubarak or under morsi. if they do what morsi says, then he wins. but if they don't, what happens then? >> well, i think that's right. you're pointing to the exact locust of power in egypt depresident morsi having the backing of the muslim brother hood of the what he did was very having having move when he grabbed this power grab last couple weeks. he gave autonomy to the egyptian military consistent with th
the legislature put language in the bill that would essentially prevent a referendum. their next action, the unions, will be to file a lawsuit in federal court claiming that federal law guaranties collective bargaining. again this doesn't outlaw collective bargaining. that will be a tough sell in front of a federal judge. martha: coming up we'll speak with a michigan state senator who helped sponsor the legislation and push it through. we'll talk to him moments away back in "america's newsroom" right after this. >> you will have people working right alongside of you that will not have to pay union dues, if you pay union dues but will still -- >> each of [shouting] [chanting] martha: we are moments away now from a historic vote in lancing michigan. authors the live pictures at 10:00am eastern time as protestors mass inside the state house. michigan, much course, the birth phraeufplace of the organized labor union. going to become a right to work state. good to have you back with us, everybody, i'm martha maccallum. >> reporter: for decades they've had the ability to control through union
to take action as well. he pointed out that as president he has been down this road too many times. he has grieved with families of four different mass shootings in this country. more must be done to protect our children. >> can we honestly say we're doing enough to keep our children. all of them, safe from harm? we're all together there letting them know that they're loved and teaching them to love in return? can we say that we're truly children of this country the chance they deserve to live out their lives in=3 happiness and with purpose? i've been reflecting on this the last few days and if we're honest with ourselves, the answer's no. we're not doing enough. and we will have to change. can we do, what will we do as a nation? martha: connecticut senator joe lieberman is call for national commission on violence to take on this issue and get our arms around it in a nonpolitical way is what so many people are calling for. he joins us later this hour. we will speak with him. we've got much more ahead this morning and we are following some other stories that are happening out +++;√∑& [ fis
action that may result in a suspension or stoppage of work would have an adverse effect. >> we handle more cars, we handle more farm and construction equipment than any other u.s. port. patti ann: we're learning that adverse effect could take a toll on the economy. fox business network's stuart varney has more for us on that this morning. good morning, stu. >> good morning, patti ann. you're talking about two million tons of cargo a day. you're talking about billions of dollars of commerce every single day. if there is a port strike that takes place possibly on sunday of this weekend, then 14,500 dock workers walk off the job at 14 major ports on the east coast and the gulf coast. directly affected? retailers who will have a hard time getting supplies in for the spring sales. the warehouses where all this stuff is stored and truckers who move it around the country. it would, as you say, patti ann, another hit to already weak economy. we had weak christmas and hand call sales. we had the start of rising gas prices. yesterday consumer confidence went way down. a big sharp drop there. if
or disabled in action. go on-line to buy the cookie tins and all the money goes to military scholarships. >> gretchen: see you tomorrow. bill: a fox news alert. there is breaking news overseas with a potential flash point. iran claiming it captured a u.s. drone and claiming they have the pictures to profit. the pentagon is saying mott so fast. martha: the navy says all u.s. drones are accounted for. iran fired on an unmanned u.s. drone in the gulf last month. bill: what more do we know about this claim and this drone? >> reporter: iran is showing off what it claims is an eagle drone. he says the intruding drone was caught after taking off from an aircraft carrier. iran state television says it was captured. this is from the english language iranian state television said quote it was on a mission over the persian gulf in the last few days. if all this does sound familiar. it was almost a year ago to the day iran claimed to have shot down a cia drone. iran claimed it recovered secret data. the u.s. says the drone in question was in international waters. iran has a history of making claims
nation debates the proper course of action relating to immigration, i hope we do so with a benevolent spirit and keep in mind the contribution of immigrants. martha: calling on people to do so with a benevolent spirit. no doubt speaking in part to politicians in washington as they take on this issue and his own party because back in 2004 president bush earned 44% of the latino vote but republicans have slipped significantly since then. last year's election in just this november, governor romney pulled in 27%. it was a group that they knew they were having issues with really all along and the numbers were not good as you can see on election night. let's bring in our great panel today to talk about this. brad blakeman served as deputy assistant to president george w. bush and gem my green, president of women woman's center and fox news contributor. good to have you both. >> good morning. martha: brad, president bush has been very much under the radar. he always said that is the way he wanted to be as the former president but are we seeing perhaps emergence of a new bush legacy in this?
's actions prior to that attack as gross negligence, that means there is sufficient evidence that the state department bears some responsibility for the deaths of four americans. as we first reported here at fox news, based on the classified cable there was an emergency meeting in benghazi after secretary clinton's office was specifically warned the benghazi conflict could not withstand a coordinated assault. there were ten camps within benge linked to islamist militia's as well as al-qaida. >> it's been typical the names are held for 48 hours. we don't know how many they are, what states they are from, who the families are and we would like to talk to them. >> reporter: new fox polls show by a wide margin that americans think president obama should have sent u.s. troops to benghazi to stop the 9/11 attacks. americans are divided over the administration's handling with the attack with a slim majority believing that it coast amount to a cover up. alisyn: will congress tullahoma lee get to see the complete report? >> reporter: that is an important question. a review of the regulations by fox
but there is no recourse for them unless their child committed a crime. will we see action on that, monica? >> we may because the president gave a very broad kind of mandate to this task force. i think there are a lot of parents out there, martha, who have children who they simply can not control. how heartbreaking is it to reach the point where they say i can no longer control my child. i need some external help here. i think when a tragedy like this happens, we have a tendency as a government, as a society to overreach, to overreact and maybe do the wrong thing. so i think, nothing should be done right now. i think we to find out more information about this particular context which is presumably what the president's task force is going to do, take a little bit of time here and try to sort things out. the gun control issue, look in this case, the gun control laws actually did kick in, martha. this kid went to try to buy some guns. he was turned down because he didn't want to go you there the background check. he didn't want the waiting period. so i think there is a place for reasonable gun control.
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Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21 (some duplicates have been removed)